Posted by: jantare1 February 11, 2012
A Nepali under US Federal Investigation
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sajha onion: another nice one, keep them coming!

what the heck is wrong with all these people getting agressive with this thread? you guys have no idea what onion stands for, do you? ever heard of colbert nation, the onion, or the young turks? sajha onion stands on the same front! you should be grateful to sajha onion for these creative articles. and please, don't give your bs about calling police or  FBI. even if you do, all you'll be able to do is make them laugh because of your stupidity. since you guys clearly can't digest things like these, here's more so that you can elevate your already high blood pressure. But, just don't kill yourself yet; there's a lot more of articles/videos like these you guys need to see. Btw, are you going to call FBI to report these guys too? 




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