Posted by: intelligentguy December 17, 2011
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taxy or cab its pretty much necessity in ktm if people want to go from one place to another beleive me i have travelled in nepal yatayat and other buses its so packed chances of getting sit is nil phere pocketmar ko teansion  even here we pay like 50 dollar minimum while travelling in taxy so nomatter how much they charge it is still cheap compared to here . taxy or cab is biggest employer in ktm i think so its okey if they charge few bucks more in fare being the risk they take in riding car  serving people tyape haru le lutla bhanne teansion huncha teneharu lai gajadi haru le taxy ma gaja khai dincha bhanne teansion huncha i still remember while in ktm one taxy driver was hathya garianko thio by one tyape in like khola tera lagera 2-3 ota injection bheteko thio re taxy ori pari  it happened like say 5-6 years before i think and next day taxy driver did protest saying we won't drive taxy .me too while i travelled to ktm spend lot of money in taxy pretty much like 500 bucks each and everytime i travelled because i used to travel a lot like going to budhanilkantha thankot things like that .for me i have solidarity to taxy driver because they got to deal with all kind of people like thug gajadi tyape good guys everybody and provide services.
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