Posted by: busenitz October 25, 2011
Baburam and Bilateral treaty with India
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I am quite surprised by the comments ppl have been dropping here. Before you make an opinion, it is indispensable to know the depth of subject matter. Just signing a treaty with India does not the put the nationality of Nepal at danger. Think this way: Why would a company from another country will come to a third world country like Nepal and make an investment? You are a Nepali citizen and you are still not comfortable of investing your money. So, what my point is for these foreign companies to make their investment they need some kind of words(or some incentives) from government and thats what this treaty does. 
Why did Call Centres bloom in India and why are they moving to Philippines these days?India decreased its tax so low that it was almost like paying nothing to these western companies. Also, recently the govt. of Philippines brought a policy where it wouldnt charge anything to the call centres and look whats happening. These are different kinds of incentives that has been brought forward by different govt to attract the foreign investment in their own country.
Last but not the least, any western company would definitely have interaction with Indians before they come to Nepal. So, if our govt couldnt attract Indian investment there is no way anybody from any other countries would make an investment. I fcking hate India and their attitudes towards our motherland but for us to make some economy progress, we need Indian investment. There are a lot of rich Indians and if their investment succeeds, its gonna attract more investers. 

p.s~ You guys can yell and shout here but at the end of the day Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its our country so we think its a different case. NEPAL IS LIKE SOMALIA TO WESTERNERS. Would you go to Somalia and invest?

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