Posted by: Recognition October 24, 2011
Baburam and Bilateral treaty with India
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1. Mr. Baburam Bhattarai did a treaty with india and  said.....It is a gambling....

2. Now he is saying that- it is the most important treaty of our time, it will bring indian investment...Nepalese will
get job inside the country and the flow of Nepali worker to Arab (to sweat) will stop. I could not agree with this statement at all.
(If he had said... okay, we are trying to lure the Indian investment in our country and we are trying to experiment by doing this if we can make progress in economic development, it would make sense. However, he is saying that it will definitely make Nepalese rich..produce jobs and so on.... which is a baseless claim and a total lie)

3. Who bombed the industries...who destroyed the tourism, who bombed the private schools and colleges in Nepal (which are producing thousands of jobs inside the country)? The answer is simple- It is Baburam Led  so called "Jana Sarkar".  Where was  his brain at that time when they were bombing private and public property which were giving thousands of jobs to Nepali People. Now, suddenly...he got enlightment in his Brain and saying security is the Key for the investment...What a lier and a Joker!!!

4. I used to visit his There used to be a communist party flag and was written that..I prefer to die fighting against injustice...bla blah... However, when he become PM and was preparing visit to India... he removed everything
from there....there is no flag of his party and the words are removed...... what a hypocricy?

5. There are some Nepali  Goebbels  who are trying hard to prove that Baburam is a solution of our problems....Please tell
them he looks to have psychological problems....and not try to fool Nepali people any more.

6. Having said all the points above......I totally agree that security in the nation brings the investment in the understand this we neither have to have a college degree nor any pundit has to give lecture to us....Howevere, I doubt that BIPA Brings the economic revolution in the country....If you want economic revolution- provide the security in the country....controll the hooligans,..
and party cadres.....look for the investment if they can come from other countries (Europe and America) for big projects..

At this point ...I totally disagree with Baburam and his goebbels for trying hard to mislead people...and I just laugh to their hypocricy..

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