Posted by: Nas October 4, 2011
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Now back to the real topic and indeed a very important one (which we have all been so digressing from).

By the Way SKT1212 bro,
I condemn the targeted killing of an American citizen whithout proper public due process of law and a grand jury trial. This killing is a movement toward "tyranny", towards "The New World Order" where government could kill it's citizen, just by labelling anyone a terrorist in future, without any regards for the law of the land for then the hollow word " a terrorist" would itself suffice to kill any opponents of the U.S government. Do you see the far fetching implication and consequences of this? I am just warning what's coming up in our plate of personal freedom and liberties but people don't have intelligence to see two steps ahead of a time that they are living in. They are so complacent with what they believe is freedom, the ability to buy their iphones, ipads, watch american idols sucking up their thumbs with their asses.

Every Nepalese Americans who left their motherland Nepal for a better future should be worried because America is turning into the same cess pit like Nepal. You say this is still better than Nepal, atleast there is law and order in this country. Yea the law and order is only for people in the Main Streets and not the Wall Streets. It's for you to be controlled by the government not for you to control your government.

If you are a dumb, obidient and subservient fellow Nepalese American. Don't raise your voice.

If you are an intelligent, non-conformist, lover of freedom, lover of liberty and a Rebel.... Speak the F**K up and say with me

Impeach President Obama Immediately.

For violating the 5th of the murdered American "Terrorist"

With Love
Nasty Nas
A Rebel by Thoughts
A Nepalese by Heart
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