Posted by: Violet7 October 3, 2011
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Nas ji, did what I write hurt you so much that you had to break everything down and analyze? Awwww. I am sorry I hurt you. Let me make it up by writing more.

Why should I keep my f**king judgements to myself? When u write provocative stuff online, you are giving me every f**king right to judge and criticize. And I am gonna do just that. Are you mad because there is some truth to what I wrote? I think the main reason why I like to attack you is because I think you have a vaginaa like me, not a cock. You are such a f**kig fraud.

And speaking of cock, you said you want 'intelligent and ethical strippers gobbling your cock'. This is one of the most ludicrous thing I have heard in a long time. What kind of a stupid son of a gun writes that? If a person is intellingent and ethical, why the hell would that person become a stripper. HUH! Maybe becoming a stripper is the new thing in. Blockhead.

And if you dont give a damn about what people think about you or what I think about you, why would you write such a long post explaining things you dont have to. See what you say and what you do dont makes sense. This is why I like getting on your bloody nerves so damn much.

You are nobody to me either. I just like teasing brainless people every now and then. Now, let me wipe my a$$ with your face and flush it.
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