Posted by: Nas October 3, 2011
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violet, I am sorry for my ignorance but I would like you to point out words for words where I have "wrote in this thread and other threads" that I " consider sleeping with strippers or anything to do with strippers a big accomplishment."

So please keep your judgement to  yourself.

Your judgement can't even shake a strand of my pubic hair let alone my peasized ego.

"who is in his early thirties (I could be totally wrong on your age but this is what I feel)"

What's up with my age ?  Why are you so much interested on this F***King loser of Sajha ? May be you should not be wasting your time "Juding" this loser here. May be you should be "getting a good job, buying a house" instead of trying to point my faults here in Sajha.

"but if you still consider strippers as a accomplishment, that gives people a bad vibe about you."

Do I care if I give people a "bad vibe" or  a "flying f**k" in their asses about me ? Do you think I am here to please you or for that matter anyone? I don't have to do anything with others. Other's dont exist in my realm of consciousness. I am here for me, myself and I and not others.

"Oh by the way, if the virtual life of yours is more like what you wanna be in real life, why dont you just behave like this in real life. Are you scared that society is not gonna accept you for who you are? Just go for it, you only live once."

You got it wrong sweetheart . My virtual life is nothing but the reflection of my real life. What I do in my real life, I write my f***king autobiograhpy here in Sajha so that people like you have all the time to waste on me to "Juding" about Nas. Only difference is I don't go curse around people in real life but then people don't curse me in real life.

Do I give a f**k about your society accepting me or not ! Do I need to be hero of everyone in your society? I rather be a villian being true to myself in your society.

You know what is the difference between violeta and Nas ?

Nas never felt you were worthy of his time to "juding" your personality. You are nobody for Nas. You don't exist in his memory, in his grey matter. But then when you show your utter love for Nas, Nas could only return you the favor for Nas can be only conquered with Love. In Love Nas is gladly conquered.

Having said all of the above, I will give you all your life's time to keep "juding" about Nas and write volumes about your love and admirations, hate and everything else between them. Go ahead, keep on "juding" me. I will be atleast happy that you are doing something worthy in your life "juding" Nas.

And yes please keep on gobbling as many filthy cocks (as in a chicken cock) as you can because you deem gobbling lot of filthy cocks down your throat is your definition of symbol of success and a "great life" for a woman. So I am only please to let my own cock get gobbled by girls like you but then no my strippers are much more intelligent and ethical than you so I will let them gobble it. You don't deserve Nas's cock in your mouth (as in chicken though) !

Like I said you were non-existent before this post and you will be as soon as Nas hits this--------------------> .

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