Posted by: Violet7 October 3, 2011
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Nas ji, I really didnt want to comment on what you wrote and I was really holding back but I couldnt anymore. So here I go.

Juding by what you wrote in this thread and other threads, you consider sleeping with strippers or anything to do with strippers a big accomplishment. I really dont understand when this kind of thing became known as an accomplishment. Did this happen recently cause I havent heard of it? From what I know, this kind of thing in society is not looked up to, it is frowned upon. You sound like a smart person who is in his early thirties (I could be totally wrong on your age but this is what I feel) but if you still consider strippers as a accomplishment, that gives people a bad vibe about you. At your age, getting a good job, buying a house should be considered an accomplishment.

Oh by the way, if the virtual life of yours is more like what you wanna be in real life, why dont you just behave like this in real life. Are you scared that society is not gonna accept you for who you are? Just go for it, you only live once.

P.S. I really wanna write more but I am running late.
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