Posted by: Nas October 1, 2011
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"Sure, every thing is about NAS. Is that short for Narcissist?"

Nothing is about Nas. But then I wonder....

It's "Nas's Corner" up in the Sajha and not [ Put Your Name Here] 's Corner.

So May be "everything is about NAS" in Sajha.

But then may be not !!

Nas The "Narcissist" ...

Wait ......

Nas The "Narcissist"....


One more time...

Nas The "Narcissist"


Did not feel good....

Did not like the sound of it even a bit.........

Did not like the vibe of it.......

I better stick with

Nas The Nastiest.

But then while you are at it........

Either you are suffering from an Inferiority Complex


Nas is suffering from Superiority Complex

I leave that option for you to choose from.

But then

I will have my own option to choose from.

When people accuse of me of being something that I am not.....

I become kind to them


I am a Kind person

I am a Loving person

I am a Friendly person


I return them the Favors

With Sweet Fragrance of Narcissism

Because my essence is Cynicism

I am a Cynic.



One of a sect of Greek philosophers, 4th century b.c., who advocated the doctrines that virtue is the only good, that the essence of virtue is self-control, and that surrender to any external influence is beneath human dignity.


"I wasn't even talking about you brother"

Neither was I brother. Did you see your name anywhere brother? If using your quotes make you think that I was talking about you, my bad brother.

I was talking about those people who are "bestowing" their "opinons on Nas with love"

I am sure you are not the one that fits to that category.

So even I wasn't  "talking about you brother"


"am I not free to post my opinion on Ron Paul and his supporters now?"

You are Gazillion times free to post your opinons on anyone like the same way I am free to post mine.

On the same note,

There are few people who I love to have debates and discussions because I love to be around people who are challenging, who are intelligent and who could think.

Stiffler bro, you are one of those few for me.

Enjoyed every bit of discussions with you in the past.

Thank you.

It only helped me sharpen my skills.

I owe you a chilled "Heine".

Hopefully one day, we could sit together in a Bar in Manhattan and have a debate.

I hope you won't decline my kind request.

With Love
Nas Bro

....................... with all the "Narcissist" Flavors....

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