Posted by: GorkheCowboy September 10, 2011
Daura suruwal rastriya posak bata hateko ho???
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 @ abodhbalak

You live in nepali land, use nepali citizenship and passport but in your heart india beats more than Nepal. This is the real problem. If you true heartedly think yourself as a nepali you will not discorn daura suruwal. Nepal is made by daura suruwal wearer but dhoti. So, the newcomers like you should have little respect for the real nepali costume. There are many nepalese speaking people in west bengal and uttaranchal. They never wanted daura suruwal as the state dress however, they wear daura suruwal in traditional ocassion as an ethnic dress. Nobody is forcing you to wear daura suruwal you are free to wear your air conditioned dhoti but learn to respect things that have nepali identity. If you cant respect 'em shove your a$$ somewhere in Bihar where you really belong.

Jay Nepal
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