Posted by: Riten November 16, 2010
best android apps
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My current cellphone contract is coming to an end.  I am really torn between getting an iPhone4 or an Android Phone.  

Verizon is supposed to get iPhone early next year, so I don't have to deal with crappy AT&T.  Is it worth waiting for Verizon iPhone?  I don't know.

I like what I am reading about Android.  It seems to be getting better and better.  Plus, there are more and more apps available for this OS.  WSJ predicts it will have the largest market share by 2014.  And I like Google Apps.  Some of those HTC, Samsung phones look nice.  Even Motorola DroidX looks impressive.  So should it be Android?

But then, I use Mac.  I will probably get IPad for Christmas.  So, iPhone seems to be logical choice as well.

Oh man....

Suggestions anyone?
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