Posted by: Kiddo August 10, 2010
Bhutanese issue
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Homeyji, I was being sarcastic, simply because I have no interest in engaging in this argument where

the motive is not to get educated and find a solution but is to prove that your theory is right. Your post with dialogues is self evident, obviously it had to be Kiddo who had to say “you are right” blah blah blah.

Let’s stop that discussion.


Gadhikari, I wanted to stop posting on this thread as the conversation was going somewhere else, but what you raise is a legitimate issue. I would give more credibility to what you have to say on this topic, as a Bhutanese refugee yourself, than anybody else including myself. I know we haven’t done enough, but do you agree that Nepal herself is going through a very sensitive phase. Our basic rights are not protected and we have seen the biggest herd of migration exiting the country. People chose to work in a place (Gulf countries) where 2 deaths/day are common than stay in their own country. With this civil unrest in the country, we definitely haven’t been able to give enough attention to the Bhutanese plight. I know we could have done better but would you agree that we certainly aren’t the cause of all this like somebody here claims?


Nepal has tried to engage Bhutan and India on the policy discussion regarding Bhutanese refugees and those two haven’t buldged. If there is anything we can do to escalate your issue let us know what can be done. We will definitely help our fellow Bhutanese as much we can. I have few Tibetan friends and some Bhutanese friends and when I am with them I never feel like they are from a different country, not just because they all speak Nepali (ok only 2 Tibetan friends do, but all Bhutanese friends are good at it) but also because there is a sense of camaraderie.

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