Posted by: Homeyji August 9, 2010
Bhutanese issue
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Call me naive, but somehow I was hoping that our discussion would go more like this:

Homeyji: Nepalese are getting hurt because our nation, Nepal, is weak.

Kiddo: Hmm. You're right Homeyji, I wonder what we could do about it.

Homeyji: I'm glad you're being solution oriented Kiddo. I know it's not just about what one person could do. Perhaps the first thing is for us to atleast agree on the nature of the problem that most Nepalese are suffering from. After all, if even "educated" people like you can't have a civil conversation, what could we possibly expect from the "uneducated?"

Kiddo: Homeyji, do you think we as Nepalese have the humility to discuss these problems without feeling nervous and embarressed and defensive?

Homeyji: Yes Kiddo, I do. I have a lot of faith in the Nepali population. Don't you?

Kiddo: Yes, I suppose you're right. I do too.

.....And so on and so forth.

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