Posted by: Homeyji August 9, 2010
Bhutanese issue
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So let me summarize the point you’ve made so far:


What Kiddo is in essence saying is that the Bhutanese problem has nothing to do with Nepal or Nepalese. No, like most of Nepal’s problems that Nepalese don’t have the ability to take responsibility for, here is one more problem that we need to find a way to blame someone else for instead of taking responsibility. So let’s blame it on the United Nations. Let’s blame it on India.


And if Kiddo can’t find anything else to make his point, he pulls the lamest move of pointing at the topic. Anything to defend his weak arguments.


After all, we are beggarly victims of a Nation, Nepal, who lives off of the donation of the rest of the world. How could we possibly hold ourselves responsible for this? No. Let’s find a way to pin this on someone else. So whether we can find a little exception like finding 4-5 Bhutanese who are not Nepali or whatever, Kiddo is desperate to shirk responsibility for Nepal needing to take responsibility for her people. Clap, clap, clap. Way to go, Kiddo.



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