Posted by: Homeyji August 9, 2010
Bhutanese issue
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Right. We can argue semantics all you want. I'm saying that it's a Nepali refugee problem that Nepalese cannot simply write off as a Bhutanese refugee problem to save face. How convenient.

Like I said in my first reply:
"Why ask for discussion of subjects that you do not really want to discuss? The truth is very painful. And we all want to speak the pleasant truth and not face the unpleasant truth. The painful truth for Nepalese in general is more than many of us want to really face. That is why we come to for light hearted jokes, comraderie, teasing each other and laughing."

So I'm not surprized by your responses. It's the typical "Nepali politician" responses that fill our air waves. You've learn't well, Kiddo. We need more defenders of the nation like you. That's how we're going to improve Nepal. By saving its face no matter how ugly it looks.

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