Posted by: Homeyji August 9, 2010
Bhutanese issue
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Why ask for discussion of subjects that you do not really want to discuss? The truth is very painful. And we all want to speak the pleasant truth and not face the unpleasant truth. The painful truth for Nepalese in general is more than many of us want to really face. That is why we come to for light hearted jokes, comraderie, teasing each other and laughing.

Don't you think that Nepalese have become like Jews? Don't you think that we have become a people without a nation because our nation is a poverty-stricken mother who cannot afford to feed us? Don't you think it is painful to acknowledge that us Nepalese...scattered across the world, hoping to find a home are like street-children in Thamel--the so called "khate's" that people politely avoid seeing? 

Some people like the Jews didn't have a nation and so they suffered in other people's hands. In our case, we have a nation that could not feed us and so we have scattered into distant lands. Who ever will receive us, we go there. We are at the mercy of the nations that receive us. And this was the fate of the Nepalese taking refuge in Bhutan. Would it be too harsh to say that the Nepalese who went to Bhutan were treated like how the Jews were treated by the Nazis (before the holocaust began)? The Jews were ostracised and put down and treated like social lepers in Germany before Hitler formally came to power. The Nepalese in Bhutan were treated similarily.

Why do you want to bring such a painful subject up when you really have no intention of discussing it? You don't have the guts to face the truth. Why don't you tell a joke and make us all laugh instead? Your time would be better spent.

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