Posted by: Dance Zone March 24, 2010
Yet Another Story- I am a Thakuri
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Bro, Most of Nepali guys or woman comes to America and gets lost with the Night Life,Parties here, that's because they dont have so much of entertainment in Nepal. They have certain curfew to be back home. Finally they comes to this place where they dont have to answer anyone. She was so far away from you, she was working pretty much supporting herself. Only people who has been here exactly knows how life is out here with work,college. People can go insane with no Social Life. She was alone and your friend was alone as well. On top of that you were against her appearance, drinking,discos. Nagging in a relationship always ends up in separation.Think about it... you are there in Nepal with your parents and you have your entire family to talk to you but she is all alone here.She calls you and what you do is be possessive,controlling. You should have been more supportive. If she hadn't loved you she wouldn't have send you all those gifts.Yes;she did love you , and you will always be her first love to say. Its not her; but dude, you pushed her away. Its over now, just wish her Happiness!! No grudges against her.
I left my BF in Nepal long time back. I did hang out with my friends but he knew everything. He knew I wore skirts. In-fact he wanted me to send him pictures me wearing  Mini-Skirt pictures. Oh I bought Mini-Skirts just to send him pictures.I even used to ask him in Nepal that I wanted to drink and he wouldn't mind. He never was possessive towards me. I never looked at any men for 7 years till he came to USA and now we are Married for past one and a half years. Its the trust that counts. If he were to be possessive I would have done the same as your GF.
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