Posted by: ustadamirkhan March 8, 2010
An Open Letter to Namrata Shrestha
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Dear Namrata ,

I still remember the day when your movie -" Sano Sansar" was released. That day, I still remember how I ran to that fancy Movie-Hall to watch your movie- first day first show. I succumbed myself to your innocent beauty, mysterious smile and those shy eyes. I fell in love with you that very moment. I was smitten by you that very moment. But few months later, when I saw that shocking video of yours,Djing with that hairy ass jackass named DJ tantric-I nearly died that day. I cried so loud that day that my eyes went red. Days went by but those shocking images were so vivid in my memory that I began to ponder for a long long time that why did it hurt me so bad ? Was it my love towards you ? Was it your unshaved pussy -that uncombed bush-  the visual of which broke my heart ? Or was it your indulgence in caressing those genitals of that filthy bastard ?   

It hurts me so much Namrata till today. But nomatter what, I still love you Namrata for whatever you are and whoever you are.And i will continue to love you forever. A mere image of your unshaved pussy can not thwart my love towards you.My love will continue...

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