Posted by: sanxokta January 20, 2010
politicians le mara haina nepal film makers le ne soja nepali ko faida uthayee. nepali hollywood film.
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plzz coments on this nepali "mission impossible" hollywood it right to make film like this. is this a true fair to fool nepali viewers.. nepali film herne people haru thorai ani gau ko manche haru bhayera faida uthaye ko ho ki k ho bujanai sakeena. guys plzzzzzz coments on youtube link . where in the world does it happen ha.. plz start watching from 06:10 sec. neeta haru le ta thage thage aaba nepali film makers like these ass hole also makes fun of nepali soja audiance... katee samma ta.p[lz rate and comments.paisa kamaune bhandai ma copy past garnu bhayena not atlist now... copyed tyo pani mission impossible.

sick director ki soja janta
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