Posted by: STUPIDA December 17, 2009
How to - Free Credit score check?
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There are three agencies that keeps track of your credit scores and history. They are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Recently ( 2 week ago) , I did my through two sites - and But In both cases, the report were from Experian, SO they were exactly same. If you wish to get from all three credit agencies then there is no trail period; u have to pay some extra fees. No matter from which online sites you do, a Credit report from same credit agencies is same. However, it might be different for all three different ones.

Also, some of might here are confused- A Credit Score is different from a FICO score, where some rare place do check FICO score.

As someone mentioned above, you are entitled to your credit score once a year from all three diffent agencies. 

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