Posted by: budhoman6e December 9, 2009
Sajha is to "bring Nepali communities together", futauna ko laagi haina!!!
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कहिले बुझ्ने हामी? 

Hey All Sajha Users,

I know this is a frequently discussed issue in sajha. And it is disappointing to talk about it again and again.

Sajha is meant to "bring Nepali communities together", futauna ko laagi haina. Why are we constantly talking about jaat-bhaat and stuffs here? Why are we trying to bring those unnecessary issues and create division among the sajha members? Why can't we all be a "Nepali" , not bahun/chhetri or syangjali/kathmandubaasi?? 

I know, most of the Sajha members are educated. And it is seriously disappointing to see those educated members of the community talking about issues that bring division among  a single and powerful group "NEPALI".  I believe that we do have a great potential, and I request sajha members to not use the potential in unnecessary ways.

And a kind request to Sajha admin. Please, Please try to filter the posts that seem to be provoking division among Nepalis. Please, disable the accounts of people who talk race and jaat/bhaat. Please, I know it is a difficult task. But, I believe you are a Nepali, I believe you are educated, and I believe, you are a patriot and you love the country. So I also believe that YOU, as an admin, can do this!!

And again, all of the sajha members! Sajha is meant to bring Nepalis together, not to create divisions. 

I hope, you all understand what I mean.

Thank you
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