Posted by: hundari July 12, 2009
थ्रेडको भावना बङग्याउनेलाई .......
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i feel upset when i see there are some post completely unrelated to a topic of the thread. It is started for one type of discussion, but ends up with an unhappy and unpredictable scenario.

I want to raise my voice against it, coz, everyone is free to open a thread and why not to enjoy that freedom? Why do we bother to twist other's thread with unrelated discussion? Or, sometimes they try to relate the topic forcefully while the point of discussion is completely different.

..............sajha has forgotten many of such persons in the past............Sabai lai chetana Bhaya.

[i hope, nobody will come after me for my this thread........... and i hope, you will just talk about my topic not about army, murder, politics, women rights, men right, crime, drug, insurance, transport, sex ......bla, bla, bla in this thread.]

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