Posted by: dynamite June 21, 2009
Yet Another Story- I am a Thakuri
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Thanks again Guys,

zigkbcnp - I didn't mean to declassify Thakuris, I didn't intent to do so, but sorry if it hurt anybody.

aasthaa- Hehe I know keti ko matra dosh hudaina, tara i can see only from a guy's perspective. and I don't  know what you were trying to say by "why I put the aasika part", ehehe anyways it was just a coincidence that the sisters name was aasthaa.

LahureDai- I know similar stories have happened in real life. I cannot blame anybody here. Its just how things work. Yeah, the caste system still has a strong grip on us, now it is upto us, whether to keep it or eradicate it.

pilot23- yup people have all sort of problems so we should be happy with what he have right now. :D

amitraja- thanks bro

बैरे - Thanks for liking the story :) I will keep posting


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