Posted by: LahureDai June 20, 2009
Yet Another Story- I am a Thakuri
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This story is very pragmatic. I bet there are thousands of  Deepa, Atkrit and Samrat going through the situation you have portrayed in your story. I know personally many girls who ended their relationship with their boyfriend after they land in a foreign country. There are many factors behind that. One of the factors is that there are many Samrat who are willing to help a girl like Deepa in foreign land.  :D
You have mentioned caste-system in your story, which is still a big issue in Nepal. Since first being introduced to the ideology of caste-system, I have always abhorred it like Atkrit. I don't know why Nepalese parents fail to understand their children's feelings that they are still stuck with such a superstitious belief regarding the caste-system. I very much hope that Atkrit will find a girl soon, that too  "thakuri"!
 Overall, great read! You should keep writing :)
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