Posted by: dynamite June 19, 2009
Yet Another Story- I am a Thakuri
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Thanks Guys,
gurly_girl - I think I should specialize in tragic stories :P
prem_chopada - I am sorry that the story wasn't good enough to impress you. I will try to make it better next time. :D, I am glad you liked the other one. Thanks for you encouragement.
bikhari- thanks
perfectionist- I thought the story was pretty straight to the point, so kina ghumeko?
Nepali_thita- I know trust is hard to find :(
dissident- thats the whole point of the story thanks for pointing it out.
Nirvana- thanks, I thought Rana's also call them thakuris :S
last_buddha- thanks for you very helpful feedback, I wanted to focus on how the protagonist changes after a phonecall rather than what happened. I will try to consider it in my other writings. And thank you for honoring me as one of the reasons you vist sajha.
rahulvai- thanks for the flattering comment. I do like your writings as well
boulevard_dreams- it is a fiction. It didn't happen to me :P I will still be willing to get your help in those matters, they always seem complicated to me.

Though readers can have their own view about the story, following is my interpretation:

"The last paragraph is a sarcasm. The first and last paragraphs are exactly the opposite. The only thing that was making the protagonist an equalitarian was his girlfriend, as soon as she walks out of his life, he feels the Thakuri blood flowing in his veins."

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