Posted by: Rythm March 14, 2009
beautiful dance by PRIYANKA KARKI
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This thread is simply an example of the extent to which people can hate others for weird reasons. Though I admit that representing one's country by dancing in another nation's  song is not the right thing to do, but can one not perform on any song of their choice? I watched the dance and I think that she is a VERY talented individual and she deserves to be recognized, if not appreciated for the talent that she possesses. I wonder how many of you would be able to go up on stage and perform, let alone dance solo on a song.. that too almost flawlessly. This is obviously not the first time that a Nepali has danced in a non-Nepali song, so I don't see why people are making it a big issue.

Passing derogatory comments and obscenities because of a dance is the heights of barbarianism. Celebrity or not, basic humanity dictates that we treat people with utmost respect. Please do not post insulting comments just because someone danced in a Hindi song. I don't know if there could be anything more absurd than that. If you dont want others to address you in a certain way, then you should refrain from doing the same!
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