Posted by: Dananah October 30, 2007
Cafe N 19 : Dasain Edition
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juggy bro! u came!!(no innuendos meant! it just showed up in between )...when u do appear..u always bring tonnes of laughter, joy...and satisfaction!so when are u err...coming again? hehe well it will be nice to know..and then we can put out a banner outside the cafe too?("business" here has been bad if u noticed..dashain hungover period? urghh)..a banner sayng " JUGGY IS COMING!!!ooohhhh!!ahhhhh!!" wahaha i just noticed the double meaning myself ..hey im sure such a banner will bring in the crowd? and plus some new ones too ;o) some really curious ones who wants to see who is this Juggy who errr ..came? (for a second there i thot the past tense of come was "comed" ..u know the pronunciation! ;oP haha)

enjoyed ur pick up lines immensely! so thats wat u have been "doing" in ur hiatus? hehe

sndy!! hope ur well..u too were MIA hoina?..dashain hangover?..tihar might hit the cafe even harder? anyways after next week(mid) dun worry i can help around! (or is that to be worried about?hehe) well need a part-time job anyways so make sure there is a rewarding contract for me to sign?i dun mind being over-paid haha..

loote bro..wanna pass me some lines so just in case i might need it ..its better to be prepared hoina?;oP hehe..oh thanks again!(in case u missed the other thanks ;oP hehe)..and i dun think anyone else enjoyed doing the survey other except one person!

ImI ..errr did u receive my love email by accident? no wonder i havent got a response from her yet!

Camo...i cant see u!! u live up to ur nick!watver ;oP haha

anyways outta here guys..cos dun wanna get into another typical convo with frens later  on..

typical convo
 Fren(s): so how is it goin?
Danny: stressed up..rushin for datelines..urghh
Fren(s): then wat the hell are u doing posting in sajha!
Danny:  mujhe maap kardo prabhu!!! u all seeing eye u ...

oh one pick up line(i found it to be real good..bummed into it recently hehe) and one song(sad ones to bring them cafeites back?hehe) before i go..

Pick up line:
My love for u is like diarrhea ..i cant hold it in!

Skeeter Davis - The end of the world

why does sajha go on running?
why does the threads numbers still grow ?
dun they know its the end of the cafe..
cos u all dun appear anymore

why do ur  fingers still go on typing?
why do you still keep posting?
dun they know its the end of cafe...
it ended cos
everyone is lost and gone...

and Hi to the rest of you guys! stay well!
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