Posted by: Moneyminded October 11, 2007
When Girls Drink Too Much
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Once i was in bar  waiting for my drink..................there was girl next to me sipping wine. All of sudden she stares at my T-shirt saying "Behind every sucessful man there is a women and behind that others looking at her ass". I looked at her and smiled ........she goes that so true pointing at my t-shirt. I offer her a drink and she accepted it........we chated whole nite dancing salsa,waltz to ball room dance. She starts to talk about her being widow and her dead husband. ...........It was sad actually. She tells me she cant go home like was signal, though i took her to hotel.........nothing happened. I acted like good hero of Bollywood movies. Next day she ways up and acts as if i had sex with her. For me it is stupid to help any drunken girl especially if it is Nepalese.
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