Posted by: hukka_nepali May 22, 2007
Anyone into Stock Market?
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wow we talking stocks again after a long time. good to see some famaliar names and some new ones. hope everyone's been able to do as well with the current market as i have been blessed with. thapap bro, your picks of 10% gain as would our friend borat would say "not so much" LOL but those picks you had were safe large cap ones so considering that it's still a better return than what you would get outta bank. the market is showing extrem bullish signs as of late, so this is a great time to be invested. i had been bullish on china since the beginning of the year and i'm even more convinced chinese stocks have a lot of leg left in them for the remainder of the year (chinese people being able to invest independently and chinese government's commitment to invest billions into US market should only help our cause). my chinese picks earlier in the year were CTRP, LFC, and ACH -- sold them all just recently for an avg. of 85% return. would recommend them buying at the current prices but here are some of the chinese stocks i've been keeping an eye on and seriously considering: JASO & CSUN -- these are both solar energy companies. with the rise in gas prices, alternative energy is the talk of the town these days. just like last year ethanol was the sexy name on the market last year this summer it is solar energy!! considering the HOT HOT HOT sector they are in and because they are chinese stocks, I expect these 2 to produce a very high RIO even by the end of summer (Oct / Nov). HMIN -- chinese discount motel. missed the earing today so down almost 9%, looking at it as a buying opprotunity. don't forget the olympics in china and with newly formed chinese sub-middle class there will be a lot of travelling. have liked this one since it IPOed 6 months ago but price kept going up so much didn't get a chance to buy. stock prices are more resonable right now. Disclosure: my analysis and recommendations are all in good faith :-)
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