Posted by: Captain Haddock May 6, 2007
Globetrotters of love
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As much as I wish I cannot in all earnesty claim to be one of those talked about in the article but I will say I found the article to be interesting. Although it does glamorize the whole thing a wee bit more than it really deserves :) Just my opinion. LDRs have both upsides and downsides and I think it all depends on what your priorities are at that point in life. For example, yeah, it gives you your space, when the person you are seeing is not next to you or close to you all the time. That's time you can spend doing things that you might not be able to do in their company - engage in your hobbies, take that guitar lesson you always missed out on or that wine tasting class etc. But on the other hand, when you need the person the most, there is a chance they might not be there. And that can often be a catalyst for a whole slew of other things that could eventually break the relationship. Also, the time zone difference plays its part. New York and Seattle is one thing, Boston and Beijing quite another. When you are ready to go to bed they are up and about and vice versa. People's moods will vary at different times of the day. When you can talk or chat the most, they cant becasue they are at work or in a meeting. It can all get complicated pretty soon. Now what happens when you are so far apart and then you meet someone else who you might be interested in? What can or should be considered flirting or cheating under the circumstances? But yes, if you are not in for something deep or long term, then I think many of the things talked about in the article do have a bearing on the lives of those who find themselves all over the map because of their work. Just my thoughts. Thanks for posting the article, Amber. :)
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