Posted by: IndisGuise January 13, 2006
Anyone into Stock Market?
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Hukka bro, Heaps of thanks for the info. "(as a side note, I think if we Nepalis shift our passion from politics to investment, I bet there would be more number of Nepali Millionaire than Nepali politicians....know I mean lol). " --------------> :) On the retrospective, don't you think being a politician has been a fast track to become a multi-millionare. Nepal indeed pays high price political service;) hahaha. Now moving on to the heart of the matter, I have always been interested in these kind of investments. Matter of fact I had bought decent stocks in Nepal almost seven years ago of some bank, the value of which has skyrocketed now (when I inquired almost 2 years ago) making my kid sister rich for her age, none of which she wants to share with me lol. Ke garne ajkal ko bacha, aafule kindiyo aba jiskera malai alikati de na paisa pachi bhanda risayera sabai lag re. LMAO. Anyways, I do have very minimal information by default, as the nature of the place I work in has significant interest in the stock market. Perhaps the very age factor you mentioned and due to lack of bling-bling, I am more drawn towards high-risk, high-reward pies with the price of the stock on the lower end. It would be awesome if we could research, let us say, 5-10 different options and brainstorm here and perhaps invest even as low as $1000-$5000 and beyond as the case may be and see how we get the hang of it. I can perhaps get some info to share as well. Can you suggest few stocks that you think are suitable for low investment for now? Your information is very much appreciated. IndisGuise:)
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