Posted by: Six Strings January 26, 2005
Tech Support
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Hahaha, I guess I am not the one with this problem. I upgraded my GF 2.0 to wife 1.0 two years ago, and I have been sacrifying all those application you've just mentioned. I don't have any problem for not using Games, TV, Barhopping, and other applications. However, I do have problem with occasional crashing for no apparant reasons. I have tried so many times to find the reason for this error, but no matter what I do, wife 1.0 would not respond. It always cost me few hundred dollars to patch this error. For some reasons, precious metal "Ag 24k" solve this problem in no time. Having said that wife 1.0 does have other advantages. Like you've mentioned, it does help ease up some of personal burdens. Despite its high maintances, it feeds back the necessary resources ($$$)sometimes.
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