Posted by: haal haal pandit May 11, 2024
Mass Lay off - radiologist first AI victim
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As we thought developers ( java , .net , python , ruby etc etc ) will be the first victim of super advance AI , we are pretty wrong here . the radiologist will be mostly replace by AI by 2027 in usa .

AI reads radiology reports so precisely that no human can come close to AI . A case report was conducted in john hopkins maryland where 35 radiologist were given to read 7 radiloogy case amd make a report on it . It took them 5 -7 haours each to read the report and make a report on it .

same task was given to AI where it read all 7 reports and make a note within 11 minutes . the report made by AI was given to evaluate to all 35 radiologists and all approved the AI findings and recommendation.

To hire a radiologist it costs around 400k/year for a hospital , imagine how much a hospital gonna save with AI .

A question was asked to elan musk " who will be white house 2024 "? in return he smiled and said " Ask which AI you want in white house for 2028?"
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