Posted by: p14nd3m1c March 31, 2024
Guess how many vaccines a one year old baby is given
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Human stupidity knows no bounds when well meaning parents fall into the trap of getting "free" vaccines. In their brain they justify it as free but they are promoting pharma-politics collaboration without knowing. There "free" things come at a cost in the form of taxes is being paid to govt and who in turn syphons it off to the pharmaceutical companies. The prices are billed astronomical as in hundreds of dollars per shot and the number of doses keep increasing every year as the pharma succeeds in one of their goals of pocketing the policy makers. So next time you are faced with the decision, ask yourself this question. How long has this vaccine been recommended? If it has been required/recommended only in the last 2 or 3 decades learn to say no as more than likely it's profit oriented than cure. What is evident is increasing health problem in children like down's syndrome and other such conditions. When affected parents start to question these things, they are called conspiracy theorists because the profit money is huge in trillions of dollars and they can afford to pay off the news media to continue their lucrative business.

Most people don't have time to research these things and they end up researching the things approved by the same institutions that benefit from the pharma profits.

The most recent case in point is the covid vaccine. Remember when you had to maintain distance and stay quarantined? Now, the same disease, noone has to do anything anymore it's all fine and good. People will probably say the vaccine cured it from the face of the earth. Good luck to these well meaning people.
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