Posted by: Sexy In Sari March 30, 2024
Guess how many vaccines a one year old baby is given
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Doctor office is NO. 1 CHOR as well.

New immigrants who are under poverty level or low-income, when they visit Dr.Office with a child, they know the child's insurance paid by the Govt, so Dr. act like car salesman, adding so many vaccines, blood check, glucose check, funny one is they do Cholesterol check for 3 years old, you name it.

And Politician they make policy like if family of 4 makes under $38000 yearly, they consider as poverty level, so they get subsidized health care, and Insurance Company charge sky rocket monthly payment since Govt is paying for it, and Doctors, pharmacy are like Vultures sucking all the benefits.

So remember, Doctor's office suggests ( NOT required) this and that for your child, think twice, and learn to say "NO".

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