Posted by: furke March 28, 2024
Travelling to Nepal - TPS AP- PASSPORT
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I have travelled several times using AP in the past at least once a year. I used to receive two copies of AP. But last time, received only one as USCIS changed the name of the parole document from I-512L to I-512T. I have already used it once, planning on using the same AP again.
My TPS re-registration still has not approved. I have created a service request. Hopefully getting it approved next week. Then I will also apply for another AP before I leave. If i receive new AP, I plan on extending my stay till July. If I don't receive new AP on time, i will be back on June 28. My POE is also LAX and officers are chill here. No questions asked, parole stamped.

May I ask when did you apply for your AP and when was it approved? 

Also when your friends say ITS RISKY. What risk are they talking about? Risk that you won't be able to go to Nepal or you won't be allowed back to USA? The former is not a real risk. If that becomes true you only lose the outbound ticket value. For me losing $500-$600 is not a risk when the reward is much higher. You need to filter what people say.
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