Posted by: wonton March 19, 2024
काेराेना सङ्क्रमणबाट बच्न Immunity बढाउन के के खाने ?How to increase immunity against COVID - 19?
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Peacelover, it takes a lot of guts to come forward like you this. In this day and age where the narrative is controlled by the media which in turn is controlled by the big advertisers who make big bucks by milking crisis like covid. The narrative that is promoted is that the vaccines are effective. Noone knows really how effective though. There are millions of people who did not take the vaccine and they are fine too so god knows if the vaccines are effective or not but you do hear of some negative effects but as soon as anyone says anything negative, we see the defenders of propaganda coming out for all out war against what they term 'misinformation' which is anything that is not approved by the media which in turn are controlled by the companies that manufacture the vaccine. As soon as anyone questions the narrative, they are called Trump supporters, Nazi and anything possible so they do not have to hear the possibility that their convictions were ever wrong.

As they say, truth is treason in an empire of lies and we see how much people are up in arms against the treason of speaking the truth even in this microcosm of sajha.
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