Posted by: p14nd3m1c March 17, 2024
काेराेना सङ्क्रमणबाट बच्न Immunity बढाउन के के खाने ?How to increase immunity against COVID - 19?
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Sorry to disagree with you but that is fake news. I am not vaccinated. When I got the first covid I had fever for two days. I got covid again after 3 years but second time no fever. I just checked because someone at work reported covid.

I am over 40 and in best of health. I can easily run 3 miles and have never even caught a cold. I know most of my friends who got the vaccine constantly get cold and are complaining of body weakness.

The covid vaccine did not work. But the propaganda was strong. Don’t fall victim to the propaganda that is geared towards selling the vaccine and making the vax manufacturers rich but does not give a damn about any side effects which actually is worse than any positive effect it has.
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