Posted by: GeetMaiJawaafDiu? March 10, 2024
चितवनको होस्टलमा १३ वर्षीया शालिन पोखरेल झुण्डिएको अवस्था - बलात्कार पछि हत्याको शंका - होस्टेलहरु असुरक्षित
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This is not a case of an adult killing oneself after witnessing the cruel face of this life/ world. We are talking about a 13 year old child who allegedly committed suicide or somebody made it appear like one. The public deserves to know the truth. Therefore, the associated parties should duly co-operate with the law enforcement regarding the latter's duty of investigation. Why would somebody in "gurubarga" worry about defamation unless they have some material facts to hide from the investigation?
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