Posted by: meraj February 28, 2024
Nepali doctors future black or white usa ?
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Nepali Americans are not out of weeds, they are taking advantage of both sides. Taking information and advantages when it fits them being Nepali and on other times acting like they don’t know anything about Nepal.

Like someone said earlier, it’s deeply rooted in our culture and what society perceives as success . Everyone needs to make money quick, everyone needs be rich quick. Doctors who people trust with their and their kids life cheating, IT folks facking their resume or doing 2 jobs in parallel without even respecting basic work ethics, business folks running these illegal games/machine/betting/ hundi it’s all over place in all industries.

This is result of society without some core values and society respecting people who make money quick regardless of methods . Everyone should stop showing respect to these unethical people, don’t surround yourself with people who practice these behaviors, try to help to correct our values and society who is polluted. Even at lest report it to law enforcement or related authorities when you see these behavior. It’s like trying to clean polluted river , it won’t happen over night, taking away one sewage pipe, but when lot of people start disconnecting their sewage line from river, it will start change for long term.

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