Posted by: Galactus February 16, 2024
So much winning. Please no more. Can’t handle any more winning.
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The headline is “Donald Trump ordered to pay $355M, barred from NY business in civil fraud.” That’s not fake. He will appeal, and maybe this judgment gets overturned, but that’s far from certain. Trump was forced to pay in the past and hasn’t always gotten away with things. For example, he paid $25 million to settle his fraud university lawsuit. That’s not fake. He will have to fork out almost $100 million to Carroll, and if he wants to appeal, he will have to post that much in bond. He still faces 91 felony counts and other civil lawsuits. He is not getting away with all that, and even if he does, he will live his miserable life defending his lunacy. Fear of having to spend the rest of his life in prison is just one of the great many punishments he deserves. I am going to rejoice every moment of his demise, even if it gets overturned later.
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