Posted by: polisci February 16, 2024
So much winning. Please no more. Can’t handle any more winning.
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From observing the whole timeline since Trump's presidency, one thing is clear.

Media headlines are far from the truth. For example, Russiagate. The media blamed Trump and made it look like Trump was already prosecuted for colluding with Russia. In the end, there was no prosecution and no charges. The media played the left supporters by giving them what they want but at the end the reality was far from what was being aired day in day out.

Then the media kept saying Trump will not be able to appear in the ballot in Colorado. All the left rejoiced at this news. But in the end, the reality was that the supreme court ruled that it would be illegal to bar him from the ballot.

There again, the left crowd kept rejoicing on false news.

There have been plentiful of news again about how much Trump has to pay so and so. And that makes the left supporters rejoice. But at the end of the day, Trump ends up not having to pay all those fines that make the headline news.

So we need to take these news with a grain of salt instead of rejoicing at fake news. Once the final supreme court decision is out then we can rejoice. But until then it would be foolhardy to believe in those sensationalized news.
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