Posted by: wakeyour_mind February 14, 2024
Nurses losing family members - having a COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated nurse in the household can be fatal for their loved ones - 11 families and their losses
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Author wants murder charges against US agencies due to post-COVID-19 vaccine deaths

They lied so much on the death certificates. About 80 to 90% of the purported COVID deaths in Massachusetts are absolute fraud, they did not die with COVID being causal in their deaths," he said.

"Acute fentanyl intoxication, fentanyl overdose deaths. They were labelled COVID. They tested dead bodies for COVID, blunt force trauma to the head. I have hundreds of accidental deaths labelled COVID."

Beaudoin said after vaccines were rolled out in 2021, pneumonia and COVID deaths diminished, but other kinds rose.

"The blood and circulatory causes of death went up instead of down," he said.

"They're dying from cardiac stroke, pulmonary embolism, gastrointestinal hemorrhages, aortic arch dissections, more than the respiratory, which went down at the same time."
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