Posted by: ehho2 November 25, 2023
NRN card pros and cons?
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I spent some time looking into oci card of India and was surprised to see how similar this nrn citizenship to their oci card is.

Lol, it's like taking someone's research paper and submitting as yours own after changing some words. Or in other words its like those 90s indian copy cat movies in Nepali language. It's the watered downed, copy of oci card and this kinda gives us hints how future rules will be for nrns.

Oci : over seas citizens of India , life long visa granted but not citizenship. One cant vote or get elected or accpet most govt jobs. They call it for cultural, fianancial and educational privillages. one can buy land but not agricultural land, though one can inherit. Selling property is a hassle, and has complez tax rules. Its like 30% tax and dependening on the value of property surcharges on top of that. For eg property over 5 carore is like 30 percent tax plus 37 per surcharge lol.
Nrn citizenship is 97 percent same as oci card. Even the motto cultural, social and economical rights is same as their economical, financial and educational privillages. They started in 2005 so obviously our netas copy pasted it.

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