Posted by: NCP September 1, 2023
Sajha Poll: Do you think Namrata Shrestha is involved in Saruk Tamrakar's suicide?
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In analyzing the whole series of event, is it possible that it was not a suicide.
It is possible that he was murdered and made to look like suicide. Some things do not add up. He was normal all day and he even had told his parents that he would join them for a party in the evening.
It is suspicious that the police only got hold of the so called suicide note only after a week. That too it was suspicious because the message said not to look further into his suicide and only he is to blame. That was just too perfect a message to attempt to stop further investigation into this death.
Nims Purja is a very powerful man with history of violence. Also the fact that Namrata stayed hidden for almost a month also points to foul play. Why would someone's girlfriend not even visit the boy's family after his untimely death?
Now she has come up with more lies about the masan ghat and booti incident when the directory of the movie has already given his account that it actually happened.
I am surprised why people would not want to investigate further. Even in movies, detectives would investigate this kind of situation because it's very possible that there was foul play.
Of course this is my opinion and I could be wrong but at the least there should be a thorough investigation and Namrata Shrestha needs to be questioned.
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