Posted by: NCP August 29, 2023
Sajha Poll: Do you think Namrata Shrestha is involved in Saruk Tamrakar's suicide?
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Most people do not know that Saruk and Namrata were dating. His mom did not like her but she could not convince her son. Namrata is sly, she was seeing Nimsdai on the side and when Saruk found out he went into depression. He could not overpower Nimsdai as he is a very powerful person. Namrata tried to convince him that nothing was going on but he did not believe her. Thats why they did the masan ghat buti thing to try to get Saruk's mind on track. When that did not work, Saruk may have implied that he would go public with that information that would be damning to the married Nimsdai. We cannot guess what exactly happened but we can make some educated guesses. Namrata was not seen for over a month after Saruk's death. She used to go celebrate birthdays with the family but after his death she did not even go to show her condolences to the family. She probably feels guilty but was trying to hide but after Saruk's father died, she could not hold it much and came out with a condolence message in which she tries to do damage control saying she would not do those buty things in this day and age, but the director of the movie already accepted that had actually happened. The police is not willing to do any more investigation. There is rumors of money paid. They easily took the so called suicide note on Saruk's phone as final evidence. This is worse than movies. Even in movies detectives would never believe such a suicide note that said not to look further into the death. Nepal police is corrupt and they are not doing their job.

This picture shows how close Namrata was with Saruk's family but she looked the other way after his death. Why would she do that unless something was up?

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