Posted by: edv2023 June 27, 2023
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Good News !

Tennessee has just passed the bill , if you are foreign doctor, now you can practice in state of Tennessee without having degree from the US provided you pass USMLE steps .

doctors in Tennessee make somewhere around 300-400K a year . this is more money than he could ever make in the US without his doctors degree in his entire life . i mean working in McDonalds , Walmart owing gas stations, bank teller , being relater etc that's what's DV winners are often seen doing in the US .

this is kinna lifetime opportunity because matching in residency is a battle , surviving 3 years in training is a battle . he can skip all these lengthy process and he doesn't need visa on top .

now pass 3 steps within a year year ,work , save , invest and make 4 million in 10 years, retire and do whatever he wants to do in his life while rest of the world will still be dragging their ass to work until they die .
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