Posted by: Bennedict April 19, 2023
USA tax advice 2022
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Logan may be right. I am not that sure but if your get the ITIN number for your wife who is not in USA, then isn't it that you have to provide all her income details in Nepal to IRS, as they all have to come under the scrutiny of IRS by rule, right?
I have a relative who filed the tax as MFS as his wife is in Nepal currently. He did not use any SSN or ITIN number or nor applied for it either. He used and the system let him fill in the details with no SSN of his wife, but then he had to file by mail and not e-file. When the tax papers were printed, in place of wife's SSN, it came out printed as "NRA" for non-resident alien. We are hearing rumors that the tax credit money that my relative might have received for saying married on taxes, maybe IRS will ask that money back later when the wife arrives and applies for real SSN. I heard somebody went through this as his wife and kids were in Nepal and he was filing taxes as MFS for a couple of years. Later IRS asked all the money back with interest that were sent to him as tax credit for being a married man with kids.
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