Posted by: salran001 April 13, 2023
Travel to India with Valid Nepal Passport and RTD
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Thank you for sharing your experience. The problem with RTD is that lot of countries don't recognize it. Also, Immigration Officers don't know the purpose of the document. They simply think that RTD is only carried by Refugees who fled their country and should not be using their home country passport. RTD serves as passport for those who don't possess the national passport from their home country (in most cases they are unable to), however it also serves as simply re-entry permit to United States after travelling abroad. I simply think I don't need VISA but couldn't be so sure. Couple of folks that I know that are in same situation as me has travelled to India with the Indian Visa on RTD and didn't use Nepali Passport. I am looking to get more info from someone who travelled to India and returned without India Visa. I could apply for the Indian visa and travel with Visa but I need to travel urgently and don't think can wait 4 weeks to get the Visa (I heard it usually takes 4 weeks to get Visa on RTD).

Quite honestly, I am travelling to up to New Delhi to visit my Dad who is getting his treatment at the Hospital there.
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