Posted by: Bennedict March 20, 2023
DV File
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Well, so much info here. Hard to read through all those lines guys!
I will add what I know from whatever knowledge I gained from my past immigration journey. Mine is not the same case like nu_rse mentioned, but just inferring some pointers for you.

# Since the daughter is on F1 OPT, so I believe she is already over 21, is it? If under 21 then, the parents can petition her from US itself (I do not know much about adding children in DV application and how it works) and she may be able to adjust the status in US itself without leaving and worrying about the present status. I have some doubts here. People please pitch in.

# But it looks to me she is already over 21. The parents can still petition for her definitely but it will take time, like 8-9 years until one can reach the time to adjust the status. It is a pretty long wait so just decide if she can stay in some kind of visa (student visa preferably) for that long, in case she does not want to leave the country. Immigration policy will tell you to go back and wait in Nepal until you become eligible for visa interview there, but I can understand that feeling of being with family when everybody is here itself.
One may think, it is easy now since parents have the green card, but the age of the children matter a lot while petitioning for them. 21 is the cut off age, that decides whether you will get all those immigration benefits or not.

Comments/ corrections welcome, please.
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